Kappetijn Knives has just launched the Reebok range of Hunters' Folders and Kappetijn Fixed Blade Skinners. Check it out!

Kappetijn Knives is rapidly expanding its customer base and testimonials from our happy customers are flowing in. We have just added some new damascus folders to our range. We have also added a basic utility knife is 440C stainless with a properly heat treated blade selling for only R75. Original Okapi knives are also now available at very reasonable prices. Also look out for our new VERY AFFORDABLE bushcraft knife.

Customers, we get many orders with no contact details provided. Please make sure all CONTACT DETAILS are provided!



Kappetijn Knives designs, manufactures and sells handmade knives & swords in damascus, carbon and stainless steel. Our designs appeal to a wide customer base. These include folding and fixed blade hunting knives, as well as classical sword designs. Our products are procured by collectors, hunters, outdoorsmen and as high-end corporate gifts.It can be truly said that our products are made to last a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Our products have become solid alternatives to knives from some well known international brands; offering a value for money proposition that is unmatched. 

Our knives & swords are handcrafted by master craftsmen to exacting standards. No products are exactly the same. Because our products are handcrafted, production volume is limited, providing a high level of exclusivity.

Our products are made from 440C stainless steel, 1075 and 1095 high carbon steel, D2 toolsteel and damascus steel (combination of 1075 high carbon steel and 4340 or 15N20 high nickel steel).  Damascus steel patterns available include raindrop, twist, ladder, basket, firestorm, turkish twist and naughts & crosses. 

 All blades are heat treated to exacting requirements to 57-62 HRC depending on the type of steel. This ensures long lasting cutting edges without compromising blade toughness.

Our handle materials include various types of micarta, water buffalo horn, olive wood, rosewood, ebony wood, turkish walnut & various other hardwoods, as well as stag horn. This provides for an endless variety of handle finishes and textures; further enhancing the uniqueness and exclusivity of each knife we sell.

All knives are supplied with custom made leather pouches and sheaths.

Over and above the products available on this site, we also manufacture to order. Larger orders of custom designed knives will be entertained. We will laser engrave knives to requirement at marginal additional cost.

From time to time we have custom knives available at discounted prices.The bargain knives are in no way inferior in design or quality to our other products.

We supply . quality damascus knife steel billets and rods (pattern welded steel)  & knife blanks, as well as water buffalo horn plate handle material at very reasonable prices.

While we retail from this website, our products are also available on wholesale basis to retailers and on-sellers. Knife dealers dealing in quality knives are welcome to contacts us.

We are based in Pretoria, South Africa.Orders can be faxed to +27 12 347 1792 or e-mailed to info@kappetijnknives.com. Payments can be done via EFT, wire transfers or credit card. Account details will be supplied on order.

Retailers/Resellers wanted. Please contact us for wholesale pricing.


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