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Casper Nienaber’s reloading DVD consists of complete and in-depth step by step discussions and illustrations, supported by high quality video/photo images. This DVD is PACKED with information, 4.2GB of information to be precise. The DVD is currently only available in Afrikaans, and is in the process of being translated into English. For proper and effective illustration, the steps and equipment were filmed up close. To be more informative and clear, the picture is often zoomed in to a much higher level of magnification than can be seen by the naked eye. A combination of video, voice and text is used to effectively convey the message. Our thoughts are that it is better to have too much rather than too little information. You can then to decide how much you need, what and when you want to apply it. Due to the magnitude of the information supplied, we suggest you take it slowly and give yourself some time to digest the information gradually. It might be wise for the beginner or first time reloader to purchase this DVD. That way you might buy the correct equipment and start off with proper techniques from the word go. If you feel you did not get at least your money’s worth for this R250 purchase, I undertake to help you destroy the DVD and fully refund you. 

Only available in Afrikaans at this point. English version in process and available soon. Pre-Order now !