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The Kappetijn Bushcraft knife was designed in conjunction with serious Bushcrafters and hunters locally and overseas. The do-it-all knife is very light to carry, but its weight belies its durability and strength. The sheath has been design to accommodate a fire steel and piece of cord. It holds the knife tightly; assuring the knife will not easily be lost. In addition, the sheath can be belt carried or laced onto a backpack. Each blade is properly heat treated and its scandi grind ensures the knife can easily be sharpened on stones or utilising fine grit sandpaper. The blade tang is epoxied and double pinned in the rosewood hardwood handle. It is available in D2 Tool Steel (61-62 HRC), 1075 High Carbon steel (about 59 HRC) or 420 HC stainless steel (55 HRC and relatively good rust resistance.)

Best of all are the prices. Prices range from only R450 per knife to R690 depending on the type of blade steel. This provides unbeatable value in comparison to imported factory knives. There is not better working knife for the money.