Quality Knives and Swords are a monetary and emotional investments; especially handmade knives and need to be maintained in their original condition as far as possible. These products supplied by Kappetijn Knives have been extensvely tested and have been proven to provide exceptional protection of Damascus, Carbon-steel, Tool Steel and Stainless Steel Blades. The technology contained in these products exclipses the performance of  traditional gun oils and general purpiose lubricants and aerosol oils significantly. The application is offcourse no limited to knives. Use this everywhere where you need to protect metal surfaces. 


When the Boeing Company needed a better corrosion protectant and waterproof lubricant, they developed Boeshield T-9® * The world’s largest aerospace builder—The Boeing Company—needed access to a more reliable metal protectant/lubricant that could withstand long exposure to a corrosive environment. Their research revealed that Teflon, silicone and synthetic sprays were all inadequate for the task, so they deve