The MAM® FILMAM Ltd. is a company whose foundation dates back to the great-grandparents of current owner-managers (1870).The humbleness and dedication of their ancestors survived the hardships of history, and thanks to this The MAM® FILMAM Ltd company is well trusted and has a strong & entrenched market position.

Today MAM® FILMAM Ltd continues this heritage, which has always ensured that it excelled in the quality and innovation of its products. MAM Knives currently holds the trademark MAM®. MAM® FILMAM Ltd’s products are strictly quality assured. MAM® FILMAM Ltd applies a stringent quality assurance process to meet the needs and expectations of all its customers.

The knives are made from premium Materials:  - High quality German stainless Steel AISI 420 with VG10 treatment. Knives with  Titanium treatment increases hardeness of the blade by 2 degrees Rockwell.

Knives are mostly hand made and hand sharpened.