Assortment of our new releases

Handmade Fixed Blade &Folding Knives, Swords andAxes

Handmade Fixed Blade and Folding Knives

Handmade high carbon steel knives capable of worki

 These knives have highly polished 1075 high

Handmade Damascus rings

Damascus Steel Billets are forged from 4340 alloy

The MAM® FILMAM Ltd. is a company whose foundation dates back to the great-grandparents of current owner-managers (1870).The humbleness and dedication of their ancestors survived the hardships of history, and thanks to this The MAM® FILMAM Lt

Original handmade Kukri's from Nepal - made as they have always been. These solid knives are made for war, defence and bushcraft.

Okapi knives are as synonamous to life in South Africa and Nambia as Braaivleis and Mieliepap. These well made knives sport heat treated 1055 Carbon Steel blades (54-55 HRC). They are cheap but are well made and can work hard. Own one today!  


Quality Knives and Swords are a monetary and emotional investments; especially handmade knives and need to be maintained in their original condition as far as possible. These products supplied by Kappetijn Knives have been extensvely tested and have

Bresser offers a wide range of very high quality binoculars for the serious birder, hunter, or naturalist. If you want more magnification or would like to photograph nature through a portable, rubber-armoured telescope, the Bresser True View or

If you want the best, this is it! RED-i BORESIGHTERS- renowned by militaries, police forces,riflemen, hunters and sport shooters all over the world. Precision machined and factory aligned laser boresights. dveloped and painstakingly manuf

Casper Nienaber is an avid hunter, rifle sportsman and reloader who regularly wrtites technical articles for the SA Hunters/SA Jagters Magazine. His technical skills and knowledge is outstanding, well recognized in the hunting community and has now l

These Kappetijn Knives have been painstakinglyscrimshawed by artistNkosi Jubane - REGRETFULLY WE CANNOT OFFER THIS SERVICE ANYMORE AS THE COST OF THE ARTWORK EXCEEDS THE COST OF THE KNIFE


Desert Storm Veteran's Memorial Trapper
Extremely well made 440C SS (56 HRC) folder with c omposite coloured bone handle plates....

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Trapper
Extremely well made 440C SS (56 HRC) folder with c omposite coloured bone handle plates....